Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Diwali Cards!

Hello All,

India is a land that is rich in its culture. We have diversity in basic things like food clothing and shelter from region to region.We are said to have "Unity in Diversity". The one thing that most of the times unites us is the celebration of multiple festivals throughout the country. Every month marks atleast one festival in India :)

But out of all the multiple festivals, diwali is one such festival that is celebrated with great vigor, enthusiasm throughout the country. Rightly called as the "Festival of lights", it illuminates the light of hope and courage in our hearts. For its celebration is to mark the comeback of a great warrior "Shri Ram" from his battle with Ravan.

Indian culture is so much in my nerves, that i can seriously go on and on. So cutting it short, for this diwali one of my colleague asked me to make cards in bulk to be gifted to her husband's client as diwali gift. She wanted me to make 50 cards. Initially, i was little hesitant. Reason being that amidst diwali preparation i would hardly get time for crafting. But she was really insistent that I take up her order and kept on encouraging me that I can do it :) (Friends have a weird way of making u feel that you r the best). She was soon due for her maternity leave and wanted the cards before that. Try as i might i did not have a heart to refuse her. I love pampering females when they are expecting. I find them really cute:)

So then the started the battle of sleepless nights, coping office work and home duties and most of all staying geared up for diwali as well. She didnt want all of them to be same. So i created some variations for her. She wanted something simple yet elegant. So presenting a few of my cards here :

These cards have different types of diyas:

These cards have hand cut lantern shapes on it:

These cards have hand drawn Lord Ganesha on them:

When all of the cards got over, i did heave a sigh of relief with a weird sense of achievement :) My colleague was very happy to get the cards before her maternity leave. I in turn became happy seeing her smile :)

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  1. Loved all your cards Bijal ..ganeshas most.. :) hand cut lanterns are cute..

  2. Lovely cards Bijal..! Even I love ganeshas the most! :)

  3. All the cards are so cute...And I too love the ganesha very much..