Monday, 3 December 2012

Trishutter Card

Since I entered the blogging world a little late, I will keep uploading a few of my back dated card here.

This one, a trishutter card, i had made it as a small experiment. Seeing the tutorial, i was quite fascinated and itched to try something new. So here is what I came up with!!!

Do let me know your views!  :)

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Simple card in Christmassy colours!!!

With christmas down the line, I thought of making the next card by using the traditional christmas colours. This one was made for a friend to gift her colleague. Since it was for a guy I tried to keep non- cute ;) I really have not figured why guys are averted from cute cards.

At an age when career is at its peak, fame and money are every guys dream. This one is no different. Hence the quote "Born to fly High" to encourage him in his endeavors!!

I added a little gift pop up inside and am still contemplating if I should adorn it with a motivating poem :). Do leave back your views!

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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Love Card

This card was made for a friend to gift her fiance on their anniversary. They both love photography and the guy is an amazing  photographer himself. Hence I added a camera that has captured this lovely couple for life!

I painted the dancing tilda saying that "Everytime I look at you my heart dances with joy."
Do leave back your comments :)

Diwali Rangoli

Making rangolis has been a passion, that i have nutured from school days. Every diwali I make a rangoli in the veranda of our house.

Its our beloved God Lord Krishna. The more i read about Him, the more i fall in love with Him. All His Leelas hold a readers eye!! Krishna is known for His love of cows, being a cowherd himself. I put in all my love and devotion for Him in this rangoli. :)

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