Friday, 21 February 2014

Anniversary Explosion Box card

Hello friends,

I took an extremely looonnng break from crafting. The normal stress from work life didn't leave much space for crafting :) And when i was free i just ended up lazying around or enjoying the little joys of mundane life ;)

Anyways crafting world in a way beckoned me in form of my sweet cousin. She wanted to gift her husband a lovely card on their 15th wedding anniversary. Celebrating 15 years of togetherness...!! Wow!!! I don't think words are needed to express when a relation matures over years.

She wanted something with a little surprise factor in it. And nothing can be more surprising than an explosion box card. Its a treasure trove of memories. :)

She loved the card and my brother in law was speechless and goes without saying that their happiness made me feel rewarded
Do let me know your comments as well. They mean alot to me :)