Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My First Explosion Box card!!!

Its been such a long time since i had touched my scissors, that my hands were craving for its touch. Sometimes office work takes such a heavy toll that crafting always soothes my mind. For the time that i start making a card, its like being lost in a fantasy world surrounded with ample of colours, mixture of feelings and abundance of love. This amazing recipe results in a heart touching card. I don't know how many of you feel this. But i surely do :)

Anyways,I recently got a request to make a card with a touch of surprise element in it. After some thinking and browsing, i thought why not to try an explosion box card!!!

My hands had been itching for trying explosion box card. But i always held back, thinking about the number of panels to decorate  :)

So for a start i made this simple card. that had just one set of panels. And secondly my dear client was shy enough and didn't want to share any pics or information about his better half. So here i was left all on my own :)

My friend was going abroad for further studies and his girlfriend was losing all hopes for their relation. He wanted to assure her that distances cannot hamper any relation. It will rather spice up their love :)

This is the lid of the box. The roses are hand made.

I made a 2 layer round cake and added a teddy in between. I always feel that the sight of teddy always cheers a girls mood :)

These are all the panels when kept open . The empty one is for the guy to paste his pic with his girlfriend!!
Do let me know how you found my first attempt at explosion box card.

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