Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Wedding Explosion Box Card


Its been long I have said Hi in the blogland..! But with my marriage preps going around, I hardly found time to switch on my lappy.. Getting married is the most wonderful feeling in the world :) For being loved much more than loving someone brightens up your life with beautiful colours.. And thats what exactly i feel these days :)

I had my friends and cousins buzzing around in my ears as to what post marital gift i should give my husband. Being a craft lover, i ignored all those advises and created a handmade card for him :)

Since valentines was around , i thought of making something in red in white... with tinges of pink..!

On the sides you can see i have used 

My friend just recently returned from US. I ordered alot of MS punches. And the poor soul dutifully got my complete order, inspite of facing custom issues. God bless him!!

Here is the 2 tier cake square cake that i place in between. I thought of leaving the circular cake and try a square one for change!!

Throughout the card I have extensively used my MS punches. I guess I was like a baby, cherishing my new purchases :)  I added some of our pics that were clicked during our pre wedding shoot.

Do leave back your comments. They mean alot..!