Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Semi Circle Card

Hello all,
A quick post on a card that i made super quickly. Trying different forms of card, after a circle comes a semi-circle!!! So here is my semi circular card....

Its the first card, that i made in just one hour!!! I know one hour may sound too much to many people, but for newbies like me...making a card in one hour is an achievement !! ;)

Please do leave back your comments. They mean alot to me :)
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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Circular Easel Card

I was a little bored of having same square or rectangle cards and thought of trying something circular. Since i didn't have any tools to cut circular shapes, i stuck to the traditional rounder, protractor and my lovely scissors!!!
No mention of how i had to revise my geometry to find the center of the circle...etc.... But i guess the end result was satisfying.
I have chosen the color scheme keeping in mind the Itsy Bitsy Logo Color challenge. Here are a few pics!

Thats the image of the card when lying flat down. The image of the girl blowing bubbles is coloured using local water colours. Have added Hobby Ideas glitter dots on the edge. The roses are punched flower prima roses.
That's the view of the card when opened. Its fun to make easel cards. They give a good view and are an easy click.
A closer look at the inside of the card. The sentiment "Blow The Bubbles of Joy" is hand written. I was soo tired of finding a ribbon of my choice and colour that i ended up  making a ribbon out of pattern paper and it gave an awesome look to the card!!!.
Hope you enjoy seeing the card as much as i enjoyed making it!! DO leave back your comments, they mean alot to me.
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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Easel Card for a guy

Hello everyone,

Since quite a few days i had been toying around with the idea of making a male card. The immediate thought that came to my mind was using color blue. To confirm  my thoughts i asked my bro that what colour does he like the best. He answered "Blue"!!! Then i asked him which shade of blue :turquoise, teal,navy,sky blue?

I got the  "Are u out of your mind?" look from him. And he replied " Blue is blue...the variations are illusions of female perception" I was shocked at his stupid comment. I got a little curious and thought of asking other guys. And all of them gave me more or less the same answer with the same look!!!

I left my curiosity there and made a card using my own head and sense of colors. As it is I don't think that guys ever look at the nuances of beauty. They go for "overall look is good". If you ask what is particularly good...They say, "Refer to answer 1"    :)

Finally here is my blue easel card, whose overall look my bro admired :)

I hope you guys like it too :) Please do leave back your precious comments. They mean alot to me.!!!!

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Monday, 15 April 2013

Diamond fold card with a touch of spring

Hello friends,

This April has bought alot of holidays for some tired souls like me ;)  Hence I thought of trying all types of cards wrt all the challenges that are going around. And its spring time evreywhere!!!

I think i have fallen in love with diamond fold card. They are so simple to make and yet give a little complicated look to the card. So here I am with one more Diamond fold card. The link to my diamond fold card tutorial is here

The image( a cute fairy holding a yummy cake!!) is hand colored with water colors. This is the closed view of the card.

This is the view of the card when kept fully open. Have added half doilies on both the end panels.

A little sentiment that matches the image.

The central rose i made using this Spiral Rose Tutorial. The other 2 mini roses have been made using a 5 petal flower punch

Please do leave back your comments. They mean alot to me.  :)

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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Pop Up Pedestal Card- For Engagement

There are times when i make cards for people dear to me and end up getting too emotionally involved during the entire project. This was one such card.....
It was for a friend of mine who recently is going to get engaged. She was a hostel friend of mine and had lead a very difficult life. From a mom who left them halfway, to dad who was not bothered, both she and her brother have made their own way in life. No roof to stay during holidays, they stayed at some relatives house. Oh god! just thinking about such insecurity gives me chills.. Seeing her i would thank god for giving me something as basic as 2 loving parents!!! Even with so many hurdles, she always had a smile on her face. She believed in enjoying simple joys of life.
I am soooooooooo happy that finally she met someone who will give her ample of love and joy she truly deserves. I wished to gift her something priceless that she would value throughout her life. And she being an artist herself, i really had to think hard on a theme.
Once again my dear friend Dr Sonia pop up card inspired me. And i came up with a lovely theme to make my card....

This is the front of the card. .  Tulsi (thats my friend's name) would always remind me of the spring season, calm yet beautiful, serene yet lovely. Please do take some time and read the poem that i have written for her. Its straight from my heart :)

This is the inside of the card. The pedestal pop up has been inspired from Dr. Sonia's blog. The link to her tutorial is here.
I recently purchased Martha Stewart lattice heart punch from my dear blogger friend Priya craft store. Please do visit her store. She gives stuff at very reasonable rates. MS punches while feel as though they dig a hole in ur pocket. But once you use them, the feeling is absolutely priceless!!! I have fallen in love with it!!
 Here is a closer look at the pop up. I have added 2 engagement rings. Made them from pearls and gold paper stock. I wanted the inside to look pristine and romantic...
In the front of card, i have added a waterfall card mechanism. It shows the couples story step by step  ;) I just hope she likes it. Here are a few shots of the waterfall card

I will have to brush up my photography skills i guess :) But hope u guys liked the card. Am a little nervous about how would Tulsi like it. I really hope that she loves it.
Please do leave back your comments too!!!
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