Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Upcycled Frame

Hello Peeps,

Too many things happening all at once. New life, new people, new relations and some adjustments. Amidst all these new things I stand trying to keep up with the fast moving pace. Living a paradoxical life, with hailing from a small town and moving to a metro, takes its toll. The change though is sweet, but I rarely end up with time to craft, which at times leaves me in melancholy.

Anyways, one Sunday when actually I had no work to do and no outings to go to, I ended up revamping a broken frame gifted to me on my wedding. It was a wooden frame covered with glass, but all the glass had broken. I took it up and made a collage of a recent Mahabaleshwar trip we had gone to.

Do let me know how you find it. I love reading your opinions.