Friday, 25 October 2013

Doremon Pop Up Cake Card

It was my niece's birthday. I wanted to gift her something special apart from the regular gifts given to her. Something that would bring a 1000 mm  smile on her face :)
I thought of making a card that shows her favourite cartoon character. When i asked her mom about her favourite cartoon character, she told me it was "DOREMON".

Somehow that really turned me off. I myself love watching cartoons and enjoy them a lot. But i don't know why today's cartoons just do not have the charm of the cartoons that came during our time. I used to love watching talespin, gummy bears, mermaid etc. But those cartoons sadly do not exist these days.
I do not like doremon at all. I feel it encourages kids to become lazy.

Anyways, you must b wondering that if i do not like doremon, how did I end up making a card about him. In I.T. we have a rule "Whatever Works" So if it was doremon that made my niece happy, I would give that to her!!!
So here is a look at my card :

Thats the inside of the card. I added a small pop up cake and added 5 candles on top indicating that she completed 5 years. I added all the cartoon characters to her garden party and added a board saying "Vrinda's Garden Party :)

Am really bad at clicking pics. So here is one more pic of doremon that shows the actual yellow background.

Later on i added a poem to the card. Due to lack of light and crunch of time, this pic has not come clear. Hopefully you will be able to read the poem :)

And finally that's me and my lovely little niece at her birthday party. Isn't she the cutest thing in the world?
No wonder i love her sooo much.

Please do leave back your comments on the card. They mean alot to me



  1. Bijal you are so right about the cartoons..I dont encourage my daughter to watch the chineese cartons as the values preached are often questionable!

  2. Beautiful doremon pop up card Bijal .. Vrinda is so cute..
    Thanks for the sweet words on my pendent chain.. happy to follow you .. :)

  3. Bijal this one also is a masterpiece like ur previous ones...keep up t good work....u bring smiles to many vrindas...

  4. Even I miss those cartoons Bijal ! :(
    But your doremon card is really cute!! I am sure your niece would have loved it! :)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I am your follower now! :)

    1. Thank U so Much ayushi!!. I too loved all your creations!

  5. So cute. I love this.