Thursday, 30 May 2013

Birthday card for Father in Law

One of my friend wanted to gift her father in law a special card for his birthday. So she asked me to make one for him. Her husband and she were school time sweethearts and her father in law knew of their affair since those days!!!!

A traditional Indian family does not take to such affairs kindly. But her father in law took care of her like his own daughter. He called her during exams and she asked for his advises now and again. He was the only one who had supported their love all through adolescence. So it goes without saying that my friend simply adores him. She wanted me to come up with something reaaaallllyy good (thats what she told me on phone  :)  ) and sentimental. So here is my card:

 I have shown an elder hand that has been a blessing and shadow for 2 love sick kids!! :)
The yellow flowers are made from balloon punch. The red rose is made using the 5 petal punch

 I have added a little pop up inside the card that says "We love you alot"

Since gujarati was their mother tongue, she wanted me to write a poem in Gujarati. Here is the translation:
"Sometimes as a father and sometimes as a friend,
Your hand has always been like a blessing on us,
Even though we were young ,
You trusted our love
And blended it with your love and blessing
For someone with such a big heart, no worldly gift can suffice,
All we ask God, "That in ever birth we get you as our father""

Well, both she n her father in law loved the card, so i was happy too.
Please do leave back your comments, they always make my day!!!   :)
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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Mothers Day!!

This summer i thought of taking a little break from work and go spend sometime with my nephew and nieces.  I believe the only way to relieve a stressed mind is to spend time with people below age of 5 or above the age of 60. They have a way of making you forget all your worries!!!

That done i packed up to leave on a short trip. I got a call from my little niece demanding that she wanted to gift a card to her mom on mother's day! Pheww!!! As sweet as she is, she definitely knows to twist her masi(aunt) around her tiny finger! I didn't wish to carry all my craft supplies with me and just had a day in my hand. So I sat at night and came up with these cards in an hour!!

 I  managed to get their funky pics with goggles on from my cousin. And all was to be done in secrecy. According to my niece she wanted to surprise her mommy and didnt want a word leaked. So getting these 2 pictures was yet another story!!
Featured in the 2 pictures are both of my cousins with their respective kids! Their goggles add to the effect of on going summer!!!
We managed to gift the cards on the mother's day and had immense of fun with kids chattering around the whole time. Here are a few pics:

Both my nieces scrawling mother's day message

 My cute little nephew was doing nothing but troubling his sis while she was writing the card! :) and laughing around!!

Kids gifting the card to their respective mommas. My nephew was a little angry because he didnt want to share the card with his sister!!
That's me with the kids!!

And that's how we spent our mother's day with a dose of unlimited fun, masti and dhamaal!!   :)

Hope you all enjoyed reading my never ending post too :P ;)


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Monday, 6 May 2013

Side Step Card for Dad

This card was made on request.My manager wanted to gift his dad something of sentimental value on his birthday. He asked me to make a card for his dad.Since it would be customized, he knew i would ask him for little details about his dad. His likes, dislikes or anything that would give me a fair idea of what to make. But my manager remained tight lipped!!

He said, "Look at how much work I have. You make something for a dad. That's a clue simple enough!" So he left me to figure out, how to make his dad happy with a sentimental touch. Since i had not more than 2 days for this task, i set my thinking wheels rolling.

A father-daughter relation is a fragile one, made of unlimited love, care, warmth and open affection. Whereas  a father-son relation gets a little on the sturdier side. A father is like a manager to the son. Mentoring all through life and driving the son to the zenith of success! But when it comes to emotions, both of them get tongue tied!!!

So through this card i have tried my best to portray a son's feelings!

On the 3 steps, i have showed the 3 stages of life from being a baby to a student and finally a successful man. I wanted to portray that how through each stage in life dad has helped him succeed. The red sentiment on side reads "Love You Baba"  Baba is written in marathi (meaning Dad)

The side View.

A closer look at a father-son poem that i wrote!

I hope you liked it. The pics are not that great coz i had to click them at wee hours in the morning before leaving for office!!!

Do share your views!

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