Friday, 25 October 2013

Doremon Pop Up Cake Card

It was my niece's birthday. I wanted to gift her something special apart from the regular gifts given to her. Something that would bring a 1000 mm  smile on her face :)
I thought of making a card that shows her favourite cartoon character. When i asked her mom about her favourite cartoon character, she told me it was "DOREMON".

Somehow that really turned me off. I myself love watching cartoons and enjoy them a lot. But i don't know why today's cartoons just do not have the charm of the cartoons that came during our time. I used to love watching talespin, gummy bears, mermaid etc. But those cartoons sadly do not exist these days.
I do not like doremon at all. I feel it encourages kids to become lazy.

Anyways, you must b wondering that if i do not like doremon, how did I end up making a card about him. In I.T. we have a rule "Whatever Works" So if it was doremon that made my niece happy, I would give that to her!!!
So here is a look at my card :

Thats the inside of the card. I added a small pop up cake and added 5 candles on top indicating that she completed 5 years. I added all the cartoon characters to her garden party and added a board saying "Vrinda's Garden Party :)

Am really bad at clicking pics. So here is one more pic of doremon that shows the actual yellow background.

Later on i added a poem to the card. Due to lack of light and crunch of time, this pic has not come clear. Hopefully you will be able to read the poem :)

And finally that's me and my lovely little niece at her birthday party. Isn't she the cutest thing in the world?
No wonder i love her sooo much.

Please do leave back your comments on the card. They mean alot to me


Friday, 4 October 2013

Guitar shaped card.....

Often at times, we are so caught up in the nuances of our busy life, that we forget the basic things that make us happy. In fact, we forget being happy all together at times. Work ,home and duties become a daily routine. We forget that happiness is not subject to the extra comforts or fancy bread that our money earns. All we need is a love in our hearts and joy in our minds and happiness beholds us at every step...

You would wonder why am i going in all this weird philosophy. Its actually the reason i came up with this card. A very dear friend of mine always had a deep desire to learn guitar. But career, success etc had taken such a heavy toll on his life that he let go this simple desire to achieve some greater things in life. Just as i find inner solitude and peace while crafting, I always asked him what hobby does he turn up to. Once he had mentioned to me that he wished to learn guitar. And as crafting is to me: music is to him :)

So on his birthday I thought of gifting him a card in shape of a guitar. It was my way of encouraging him to take up his hobby and pursue it, just for the sake of pleasure that it would give him. Something that he could turn upto for finding his inner peace

Anyways, it turned out to be a little difficult task. I was worried if the shape would come up correctly because i was doing it free hand. Here is a glimpse at my card...

I had downloaded a few shapes of guitars and made a free hand drawing for the same.

The so called rock star is a big fan of cartoons. So i added alot of stickers to make him happy :)

The brown paper is taken from used wedding cards. For making the guitar strings i used the 3-D fevicryl colours. Am not sure how many strings does a guitar actually have. But i made mine accomodate 5 :) hehe

Made a 3 layer cake on the inside.

Anyways he absolutely adored the card and my efforts were truly successful. As it is the purpose of giving cards is to spread smiles and am happy that i gave him one :)

Please do let me know how did u like my card

Entering in :
Lulupu: 3 layers on the front. used fevicrly colours, stickers and black bindi on the cards front