Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Handmade Birthday Frame

Hello All,

With the wedding date nearing, my days are spent in shopping and trials :) I have been surrounded with colours, designs, embroideries, meena work,etc. As a result, I hardly sum up time to craft :(

Anyways, both my mother-in-law and father-in-law, have their birthdays just a day apart. I had been scratching my head as to what should I gift them. Since they are aware that I love to craft, they would not accept any market gifts from me :) Finally I came up with the idea of making a frame for them.

Often after a certain age, a couples' lives revolve around their children. The love they share, their likes dislikes, the romance in their relation takes a backseat and the needs of children take priority. I wanted to gift them something that would make them feel good about themselves and generate those sparks again :)  Haha.. call it being naughty :P

So this is the frame i came up with. With winters/fall stepping in, I have used some fall colours. What i love best about fall is the how the colours of leaves change and take a brown/orange look!

I added some lovely pics of them together and wrote a poem in gujarati for them.

A close up of the poem. The poem states that,

Their love and care has made this house a home,
Their teaching have brought success in lives of their children
I pray Almighty to fulfill all their wishes!!

This flower was made using Juhi's Tutorial

This is how it looked after framing it up. Its a wonder how handmade articles refresh memories and bring happiness. My In laws loved it and have put it up on their wall !!

Do give me your comments. :)


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Doremon Keychain


I have little nephew-in-law who is a huge doremon fan. Doremon is his lunchtime buddy. Without seeing him my little sweetheart won't gulp a morsel of food. Well, to ease his mom's plight I thought of making a doremon key chain for him. Collecting key chains is one of his hobbies too!

Here is a peek at the keychain

The Ben 10 has been coloured using local water colours. I have given a small tutorial on making a key chain here

Am not sure if the keychain eased his mom's plight or not, but I did get my reward for gifting him this keychain :). See below:

A Big Hug from him and it felt so precious :) Don't we both make a cute Aunt-Nephew pair :)    :)

Do leave back your comments. They mean alot to me.


Monday, 8 September 2014

Thinking Of You ......!

Just as they say, "Nothing feels better than falling in love", my days are passing with blushes and smiles. It is indeed a great feeling to be in love and to be loved by someone :)

My fiance and I sort of have a long distance separating us, with him in Mumbai and me in Mumbai suburbs :)  (Well not that long, but we hardly end up meeting :( ) . So made up simple cute card to express to him that how much I am missing him and thinking of him :). Since love gives a feeling of "being over the moon". Hence thought of choosing the moon image

I have coloured the magnolia Tilda and the moon using local water colours and shaded them with crayons and pencil colours. The roses are handmade with a 5 petal punch. The sentiment is hand written. Unlike my other cards, i shied away from taking a pic of the poem that i wrote for him :)

My fiance loved the card and told me that he wished he could be as expressive as me. I guess that is a compliment in itself; dont you think so ?

Do let me know your comments on the card.

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Handmade engagement ring tray

Hello friends,

Here is one more item that was crafted for my engagement. The engagement ring tray itself!!
We browsed the markets in Mumbai to find a decent tray. But either we didnt like the designs or they were just way to expensive!!!! Hence came up with making a tray at home itslef!! Due to crunch of time, was not able to click pics when the making was in progress, but have the final shots!!

Hearts... is what our theme has been. Even our invite was full of hearts!! :)  The entire border was made out of scraps. Thick magazine pages cut out in small size and rounded them up. Stuck blue ribbon over it. The green roses are from local shop. Red paper is velvet paper.

This is the top view of the tray. The 2 small boxes were made for the ring. They are thermocal  boxes covered with velvet paper. Put a small slit in it for the ring

here is the entire completed tray, with the pic of the bride and groom :)  The photographer loved the tray and did a photoshoot of it :) And my in laws loved it as well!!

Do let me know how you liked it!!

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Easel Cake Card : Engagement

Hello friends,

A midst the engagement preparations, I hardly found much time to craft, leave alone blogging. But after the engagement mania has settled down, I will share a few items that I made as part of engagement gifts!

Since a few days, I have been toying around with the idea of making a easel cake card. Easel cards are my favourite!! Easy to make and the give your card a fab look. But the cake part i felt a little challenging!

I wanted to gift my fiance something new and out of box, so came up with experimenting a easel cake card. To my surprise, the card mechanism ended up being extremely simple. But the toughest part was colour combinations :) Try as i might, the crafter in me wouldn't rest until I felt the overall look and feel JUST RIGHT!!! Completed the card in one evening, but i literally crafted till the break of dawn! :)

The card when opened and kept upfront

A closer look at the couple pic.  absolutely loved this stamp and enjoyed colouring it!!

The cake adorned with pearls! and flower

Have added handmade fabric roses here. My fiance loved the card and I felt extremely happy seeing his happiness.

Please do let me know how my experiment has turned out to be! Your comments meant alot!!

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

For New Beginnings: Curtain Card

Hello friends,

One of the best feeling in life, is getting hitched and finding that one person with whom you will spend your entire life. Just as I started taking my baby steps towards being committed, I felt like gifting me fiance with a card that marked a New Beginning for both of us.

With arranged marriages, there is always bonding first and sparks later on! With some hesitations and some love, we have slowly started building a bond between us.. :)

So here is the first card i gifted to him.

The Image is Bubble hearts image from Mo's Dream team. Drawn and colored with water colors

My fiance and In laws loved the card and most of all the poem :) and i was all blushes :)
Do drop back your comments with your blessings for a new start in my life :) . They mean alot

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Friday, 21 February 2014

Anniversary Explosion Box card

Hello friends,

I took an extremely looonnng break from crafting. The normal stress from work life didn't leave much space for crafting :) And when i was free i just ended up lazying around or enjoying the little joys of mundane life ;)

Anyways crafting world in a way beckoned me in form of my sweet cousin. She wanted to gift her husband a lovely card on their 15th wedding anniversary. Celebrating 15 years of togetherness...!! Wow!!! I don't think words are needed to express when a relation matures over years.

She wanted something with a little surprise factor in it. And nothing can be more surprising than an explosion box card. Its a treasure trove of memories. :)

She loved the card and my brother in law was speechless and goes without saying that their happiness made me feel rewarded
Do let me know your comments as well. They mean alot to me :)