Wednesday, 21 May 2014

For New Beginnings: Curtain Card

Hello friends,

One of the best feeling in life, is getting hitched and finding that one person with whom you will spend your entire life. Just as I started taking my baby steps towards being committed, I felt like gifting me fiance with a card that marked a New Beginning for both of us.

With arranged marriages, there is always bonding first and sparks later on! With some hesitations and some love, we have slowly started building a bond between us.. :)

So here is the first card i gifted to him.

The Image is Bubble hearts image from Mo's Dream team. Drawn and colored with water colors

My fiance and In laws loved the card and most of all the poem :) and i was all blushes :)
Do drop back your comments with your blessings for a new start in my life :) . They mean alot

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